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Super Nintendo > S
Super Batter Up
Super Battleship: The Classic Naval Combat Game
Super Battletank 2: War in the Gulf (2)
Super Battletank: War in the Gulf
Super Black Bass (2)
Super Bomberman
Super Bomberman 2
Super Bonk (aka Super B.C. Kid) (3)
Super Bowling
Super Buster Bros. (2)
Super Caesars Palace
Super Castlevania IV (3)
Super Chase HQ
Super Conflict
Super Copa
Super Double Dragon
Super E.D.F.: Earth Defense Force (3)
Super Fire ProWrestling Special (2)
Super Fire ProWrestling X (2)
Super Gameboy (3)
Super Ghouls 'n Ghosts (5)
Super High Impact (2)
Super James Pond
Super Mario All Stars (7)
Super Mario All Stars + Super Mario World (5)
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