The Cover Project
About the Project
The Cover Project is a collaborative effort between some of the CAG forumers and Snackbar Games that has since expanded into it's own website. The project was started by Organicow as a fun way to store his GBA games. Shortly after acquiring his DS he noticed the DS game cases have a spot to hold GBA games. He measured out a DS game cover insert and created the first GBA cover to match. From there, the project took off and I spent some time creating covers as people sent me scanned images of thier original GBA boxes.

Our covers are carefully created with high resolution scans of original boxart or case inserts. At 300dpi we are confident that these are the highest quality covers found anywhere on the net.

In addition to covers/inserts we are also starting to scan in and make available game manuals in PDF format.

If there is a cover, insert, or manual that we don't have yet, feel free to drop by the forums and put in a request. Someone else is bound to be looking for the same insert as you.
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