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Check out the 10 best Nintendo 64 games now.

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Nintendo 64 > B
Bangai-O (2)
Banjo Kazooie (8)
Banjo Tooie (7)
Bass Hunter 64 (4)
Bass Masters 2000 (2)
Batman Beyond - Return of the Joker (2)
Battle Tanx (2)
Battle Tanx: Global Assault (5)
Battle Zone: Rise of the Black Dogs (2)
Beetle Adventure Racing (4)
Big Mountain 2000
Bio Freaks (2)
Blast Corps (4)
Blues Brothers 2000 (2)
Body Harvest (3)
Bomberman 64 (7)
Bomberman 64: 2nd Attack (3)
Bomberman Hero (3)
Bottom of the 9th
Brunswick Circuit Pro Bowling (2)
Buck Bumble (3)
Bust A Move '99 (2)
Bust A Move 2 Arcade Edition
Bust A Move 3 DX (2)
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