The Cover Project
!NES Covers for the CGC are finally finished!
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 Grin  750+ NES covers for the CGC are FINALLY here! Grin

     There isn't really an easy way to put it ... no one had done anything to quite this level. Quite a few of us Cover Artists have spent time restoring old scans to try and breathe new life into them. We have completed a few covers here or there or maybe even a whole slew based a game series but they are not done often. Why you ask? Because it can be quite difficult and completely time consuming. Now imagine this on a MUCH larger scale. I have restored/remastered over 750 NES covers. Some were easier than others ... some made me want to take a knife to my keyboard and mouse. Quality still does vary from cover to cover because there are limits to what you can do with a poor quality scan. If you have a box for a cover you think could use a new scan please scan it in at 600dpi and PM me.

     It is a very meticulous process. Not only did I resize and clean scans and old covers to fit the CGC NES Case they needed to be uniform. Spine  and developer logos lining up with one another were a must. I restored ~ 100 developer logos to be used on the spines. Why? It would drive me insane when each cover would not have the same size logo for the same developer from game to game. So now if you look at any game made by Acclaim for example they will ALL have the EXACT same size and logo with the EXACT same orientation and placement on the spine. If you really wanted to you could line up your covers according to developer and they would match perfectly.

    This project has been near and dear to my heart. I can't even tell you how much time and effort I have poured into this. Well my girlfriend might be able to tell you as she got the majority of the neglect while I've been working on this project Wink. Her, my family and friends probably sacrificed the most during this process. They didn't get a whole lot of my free time the last half a year. EVERY day i have had off of work, EVERY day after i got off work and the two week staycation I took were all devoted into this.  If i had to guess I'm sure I have put in over 700 hours. Time endlessly spent in photoshop, scanning boxes, scouring ebay for the samples to correct the colors to and google images trying to find images to help complete these covers.

It would be pretty easy to argue I got a bit too obsessed and spent too much time on this project but It was for the greater good. I hope it shows through how passionate I am about these covers and I hope you love what you see. It brings me great joy in knowing these will help out the people of this community and game collectors alike.

     Yes, in time most will. Quality restrictions will not allow some of these cover to be uploaded. Also, cover based on reproductions or flashcarts will not be uploaded to the main site for obvious reasons.

Click HERE and start downloading!
posted November 22, 2015, 08:31:52 PM by shenske | 120 comments
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